Code of ethics

The Concrete Pumping Association New Zealand was first established on 20th June 2007.

After many meetings, years & discussions with members, the committee, the Department of Labour, now MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) & Site Safe The Concrete Pumping Association New Zealand is off to a new start again.

Members will assist in furthering the objectives, interests and causes of the association and will assist wherever possible in the development by co-operating with other members, customer’s government agencies the public and industry in general.

Members must comply with all government regulations with respect to the operation of their equipment and the engagement of employees as may be in force or may be enacted with regard to the Concrete Pumping Industry.

A members business must be conducted so as to reflect favourably on the Association and its members at all times.

Members shall ensure that the pump operating employees are trained to acceptable standards of competency and to operate the company’s equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Members will be safety conscious and always strive for a safer working environment.

Members will ensure adequate standards by maintaining company equipment in good working order and to present equipment in clean and tidy manner.

Members will adequately insure pumping equipment and carry public liability insurance in accordance with the recommended practice.

Members will ensure that regular maintenance and inspection checks are recorded in the logbooks and are made available upon request by any authorised inspection authority.

Members must treat all information from within the Association as strictly confidential and will not release information to any other party without the written approval of the executive committee.

This Code of Ethics must be agreed to be adhered to at all times to become a member of The Concrete Pumping Association New Zealand